JBS CTNNB1 Codon 32-37 Droplet Digital PCR Quantification Kit (Cat# ddPCR-001)

  • Standardized assay with reproducible results
  • Simple workflow
  • Specific and sensitive up to 0.1% of mutated CTNNB1 (codons 32-37) DNA
  • For research use only

The CTNNB1 codon 32-37 droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) kit utilizes a drop-off approach to identify mutations located between codons 32-37. The kit provides assay mix and DNA standard controls for highly sensitive mutation detection down to 0.1%. The kit was developed on the Naica® system (Stilla Technologies) ddPCR platform. The kit does not contain mastermix buffer.


Product Name (Cat #)DescriptionUnit Price
CTNNB1 Codon 32-37 Droplet Digital PCR Kit (ddPCR-001)One kit for 50 reactions$950