Christopher Pak, Ph.D.

Dr. Pak is a member of the Board of Directors. He has been in the biotechnology field for over two decades and is the President &CEO, Molecular Targeting Technologies. He was formerly associated with Centocor, a top-tier biopharmaceutical company, now a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. Dr. Pak has served as the President of the Chinese American Society of Nuclear Medicine, the Vice Chair of the Global Monte Jade Science and Technology Association, and the Chairman of the Chinese Entrepreneur Association which he co-founded. Currently, he is a board member of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Mid-Atlantic. Dr. Pak is a honorary advisor to the National University of Singapore-Bio Valley Program. Dr. Pak holds numerous patents and has published more than fifty articles covering the use of antibodies for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Pak’s recent awards include SUNY Honor Roll of Alumni, Ben Franklin Emerging Business Award and Outstanding Asian American Business Award.