Zhili Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Wang is the Chief Scientific Officer for JBS Science.  Dr. Wang has a PhD in Biochemistry and Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma He has over 20 years of research experience in overseeing the daily operation of a molecular service lab: Nucleic Acid and PCR core facility at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In this position he developed and validated molecular service protocols including Sanger DNA sequencing, DNA isolation, genotyping, molecular probe design, and real-time TaqMan PCR assays. He has extensive experiences in solving experimental problems in a service lab environment. Dr. Wang joined JBS as a principal scientist and has since led the development and testing of JBS’s nucleic acid isolation methodology resulting in a robust and optimized procedure to mitigate the variation from various biospecimens, enabling technology development that can transform the use of urine DNA as a research-only tool to multiple innovative applications of practical utility in the clinic.