Selena Lin, Ph.D.

Dr. Lin is the Chief Operating Officer of JBS Science.  She leads clinical, development, and discovery research operations at JBS Science. Dr. Lin has over 12 years of experience in developing PCR-based assays for detecting circulating tumor-related DNA (ctDNA) modifications for cancer diagnostics and monitoring. During her time as VP of Technology Development, she focused on optimizing and robustly implementing numerous HCC biomarkers that are part the JBS HCC test. Additionally, Dr. Lin is the co-inventor of the TP53 249T mutation assay (US9074247B2) that was developed for sensitive detection of the mutation in plasma and urine of HCC patients and is also part of the JBS HCC test. As COO, Dr. Lin manages a team responsible for the clinical biospecimen repository and processing, research-grade biomarker testing, advancing current molecular testing platforms such transitioning of qPCR to droplet digital PCR, and biomarker discovery towards the goal for developing a urine test for the early detection of liver cancer screening and management.