Fwu-shan Shieh, Ph.D.

Dr. Shieh is the head of bioinformatics at JBS Science, Inc. He has extensive experience as a software engineer and instructor of computer science.  For the past 17 years, he has been with Hewlett-Packard as an Engineering Expert.  He has extensive experience in programming software such as C, C#, C++, Python, JAVA, Google Go, X-Window, Perl, HTML and Basic.  Dr. Shieh has collaborated with the team at JBS Science for the further development of ChimericSeq, the software program for which he worked to develop and resulted in a manuscript, entitled: “ChimericSeq: An Open-Source, User-Friendly Interface for Analyzing NGS Data to Identify and Characterize Viral-Host Chimeric Sequences, PLOS ONE, 2017; 12(8): e0182843).   Dr. Shieh provides expert bioinformatics and data management guidance in the design, conduct and analysis of the research conducted by JBS Science. Dr. Shieh has a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Auburn University.