Frank Wei Song, MD

Dr. Frank W. Song received his MD. from Shanghai Medical University, China and PhD. in Pharmacology and Molecular biology from the University of South Alabama. He was trained as a hematology and oncology fellow at The Temple/Fox Chase Cancer Center program and is a board-certified hematologist and medical oncologist. In addition to his Ph.D. training, he also had his post-doctoral research training at Dr William Mason’s lab at Fox Chase Cancer Center focusing on Hepatitis B and liver cancer. Currently, he is a practicing medical oncologist, has been an on-site PI for over 100 clinical trials, and is the hospital cancer center medical director. Dr. Song recognizes the limited treatment options and dismal prognosis when cancer is diagnosed in its late stages. He founded JBS Science, Inc to develop novel non-invasive diagnostic technologies of urine DNA tests for detecting cancer-associated, genetic alterations for cancer screening and treatment. His mission is to detect cancer earlier at curative stages and improve the survival rate by treating each unique cancer patient based on DNA genetic information.